Knowledge Executive provides commissioned research services, surveys and studies spanning the Automotive, BPO&O, BFSI, Retail, Telecoms, Tourism & Travel sectors, the costs of which are wholly paid for by the client based on detailed scoping sessions, project plans and proposals. Commissioned research is carried out in cooperation with the related industry and/or business and is done in confidence, in both an unbiased and objective manner, as agreed with the client.

2018 Genesys Cloud Transformation Survey: African Small & Medium Sized Contact Centres

This report, commissioned by Genesys, reflects the viewpoints, opinions and predictions of African small and medium sized businesses and contact centres, juxtaposed with desktop research and qualitative commentaries from forward-thinking executives in the region. 

Includes chapters covering:
• Global contact center cloud transformation trends.
• Cloud transformation in African contact centers.
• Employee engagement.
• Customer engagement.
• Social media channel management.
• Commercial models.
• Technology service provider requirements.
• Business & customer trends.

Facilities Management South Africa Report

The Facilities Management South Africa report, commissioned by Servest with the support of SAFMA, looks at trends, forecasts and predictions in the facilities management (FM) sector.

Includes insights on:
• FM outsourcing trends.
• Buyer and provider relationships.
• In-house operational challenges.
• FM innovation.
• Future trends and game changers.

Automotive Future Now Report

The Automotive Future Now report, commissioned by Innovation Group, presents a qualitative analysis of the conversations held with automotive industry executives. It explores the impact of international car manufacturing trends and stresses the importance of strategic preparation for meeting the future now.

Includes insights on:
• Global automotive future now trends.
• Business climate.
• Labour forces.
• Steering ahead: OEMs & manufacturers.
• Manoeuvring Frontward: Dealerships & Retail.
• Navigating Forward: Maintenance & Service.
• Driving The Future: Automotive Technology.