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July 7, 2015
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September 16, 2015

National BPO&O: Offshoring, Nearshoring, Onshoring Research Highlights

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National BPO&O: Offshoring, Nearshoring, Onshoring Research Highlights

Qualitative interviews conducted by Knowledge Executive with key local and international BPO&O service providers have proven enlightening in revealing the voice of an ever-evolving industry.

We would like to share some of the key findings and highlights with you, starting with the Offshoring, Nearshoring and Onshoring perspective. The detailed chapter is published within the 2015/16 Knowledge Executive Business & Markets Insights Report, available to order here, where it can be seen in the context of the current business and economic climate.

Careful optimism

Key executives expressed agreement that the industry as a whole has matured into a centre of excellence with an established, high-end voice and non-voice service offering. It is noted that the ability to deploy shared services via South Africa into the rest of Africa will increase, as will the country’s specialised BPO&O service offering. The domestic market is poised for outsourcing services and is seeing growth (but could be adversely influenced by economic forces). There is opportunity for service providers within a fairly buoyant South African BPO&O market, but some sectors are still relatively immature. The 2015/16 Knowledge Executive Business & Markets Insights Report delves into each sector in turn, and we aim to share the highlights with our blog readers throughout the year.

SA as an offshore destination

While South Africa enjoys a good reputation on the global stage, the point is made that the country can further raise its global profile – and thus job creation – with a national, unified approach to marketing together with definitive government support. This cohesive message can co-exist with regional strengths, which all contribute to a stronger whole. The 2015/16 Knowledge Executive Business & Markets Insights Report therefore conducts both a national SWOT analysis as well as drilling down into the respective regional strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

The changing landscape

All those interviewed acknowledge that there is a shift from the traditional call centre towards integrated, multi-channel, full-spectrum contact centres. This is being driven by global consumer demand as well as new, enabling technology and is forcing local BPO&O players to adapt quickly and smartly. Some foresee a consolidation of the smaller players and fewer, stronger players emerging. Most recognise the need to address skills shortages as well as changing skills requirements. The 2015/16 Knowledge Executive Business & Markets Insights Report takes a look at some of the enabling technologies as well as strategies, like CRM (customer relationship management) and human capital, that support this rapidly changing industry.


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