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We empower and enable BPO and CxO Knowledge Leaders. We create and publish global research, surveys and market intelligence backed by consultancy and advisory services for executives of today’s Experience Economy.
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    Knowledge Executive and Ryan Strategic Advisory jointly offer consultancy through advising, formulating and guiding leadership, organizational and strategy plans...
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    Reports we get commissioned to do
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  • CxOutsourcers
    CxOutsourcers is a mindshare group and forum for C-level decision-makers to get inside the buyer’s mind and be equipped...
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    Surveys Compiled By Us
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    Surveys Compiled By Us
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    Find out the latest news!
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  • Lead Generation
    We can use our research reports, content services and media to generate business leads for you. We can ensure...
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About Us


Our Philosophy

We have over 38 years of combined experience in providing expert BPO and CX advisory and consultancy services for medium to large enterprises. We back these services with forward-looking research, mindshare groups, leadership and ideation thinktank sessions and round tables.

Our research, advisory and consultancy team brings decades of industry expertise in driving BPO, vertical industry and CX strategy. The team ensures that our advisory and consultancy services are unparalleled and distinctive, combining substantiated leading-edge research with the most effective consultancy tools, blueprints and strategy plans available today.

Why Choose Us



We publish global surveys and market intelligence for today’s Experience Economy.


We have over 38 years experience in providing BPO, vertical industry and CX consultancy.


We are a global network of BPO and CX analysts, influencers, writers and researchers.


We facilitate CxO and executive mindshare and ideation groups with round tables.

Match Makers

We refer, match-make and connect organizations with best-fit BPO and CX partners, clients and consultants.

Helping organisations just like yours


International Researchers


Global Surveys


Clients Worldwide


Advisory Projects

Our Research

Knowledge Executive empowers and enables Knowledge Leaders. We inspire, create and facilitate BPO and Customer Experience (CX) market intelligence and insights for executives of today’s Experience Economy.

Knowledge Executive produces and creates qualitative, quantitative and individualized market intelligence reports, research, surveys and studies covering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Contact Centers, CRM and CX. We augment this with commissioned reports for the Automotive, BPO, Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Telecom, Tourism and Travel sectors.

Commission us to produced tailor-made BPO and CX qualitative and quantitative research reports for your organization. Appoint us to facilitate specialist investment reports, surveys and feasibility surveys. Consult with us to receive ground-breaking BPO and CX advisory services.